Super Bowl 51 Prop Bet Specials – Odds and Picks

Super Bowl 51 is now less than a week away and I’m already enthralled by some of the interesting prop bet specials that Bet365 has for this big game.

In this article I will go over some of the prop bets for the Super Bowl and give my picks on which side of the coin (no pun intended) I will be betting on.

All of the odds from here on out are taken from

Coin Toss

  • Heads 1.95
  • Tails 1.95

This is obviously a 50/50 chance, but a lot of people enjoy getting the bets going straight from the coin toss.  I personally won’t be betting this, but if I did I would say “tails never fails”.

Distance of First Punt

  • Over 45.5 yards 1.72
  • Under 45.5 yards 2.00

I like under in this spot because I don’t foresee teams being stopped with a lot of field to work with.  It takes a punt to pin a team deep in their own end, so I could see a punt from the opponents 45 yard line or something going for under 45 yards.

First Turnover Of The Game

  • Interception 1.72
  • Fumble 2.25
  • No Turnover 11.00

Matt Ryan only threw 7 interceptions this season, while Tom Brady only threw 2.  The Pats had 9 fumbles, while the Falcons had 4.  Both defenses were also very good at creating turnovers with the Pats getting 23 takeaways to the Falcons 22.  That said, I think the smart money is likely on the offenses keeping control of the ball in this one.  The weather should be good and at 10/1 I think a no turnover game is a smart bet.

Player To Record Most Receiving Yards

  • Julio Jones 3.00
  • Julian Edelman 3.25
  • Chris Hogan 7.00
  • Taylor Gabriel
  • Mohamed Sanu 11.00
  • Martellus Bennett 15.00
  • Devonta Freeman 17.00
  • Tevin Coleman 21.00
  • Dion Lewis 26.00

I think the smart money has to be on Edelman here.  Julio will have to deal with Malcolm Butler who was able to shut down Antonio Brown in the Conference Championships.

Number of Atlanta Falcons To Have Rushing Attempt

  • Over 3.5 1.66
  • Under 3.5 2.10

Freeman, Coleman and Matt Ryan will all have at least one rushing attempt in this game for sure.  Then all you need is one of Gabriel, Hardy, Julio or even Sanu to try a swing route to cover this spread.

Shortest Field Goal Made In The Game

  • Over 25.5 yards 1.80
  • Under 25.5 yards 1.90

Both of these teams have such strong offenses that they very rarely get stopped inside 10 yards.  There are so many weapons on each side that I don’t think we will see a chip shot field goal in this game.

So there are just a few of the Super Bowl specials available for betting at  To check them all out head over to Bet365, select ‘Football’ and then ‘Super Bowl Specials’.

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